The Little Green Binder

Katie's HHT Binder

I don’t know if you’re like me, but time is something I seem to need more of these days. Even if I schedule “nothing” on my calendar, something always creeps in and fills my day. As a busy wife and mom to three girls, ages 14, 12 and 9, I am always on the go!

I drive a lot! I spend hours a day in my car driving children to-and-from school and to different activities in the afternoon. I am the master scheduler of all that goes on in our home, and usually run myself ragged trying to get everything done for the day! But, it is all going to get done!

It can be challenging to have time to care for me. Especially when it comes to HHT. Am I eating the proper foods to boost my energy and avoid a nosebleed? Am I drinking enough water and exercising? Am I resting?

Like many of you, I have routine doctor visits and check-ups and blood drawings that I tend to on a monthly and yearly basis. I learned early on with HHT that I need to keep all of my important information like bills, HHT articles, physicians numbers, etc in one place

inside binderSo, I have a green notebook where all of my HHT information goes. Well, I actually have two green notebooks. One has all of the information, scans and bills from when I was diagnosed with HHT in 2011. The other green notebook (decorated by my youngest daughter) is my current one – for me to grab when I am hurrying out the door to a doctors appointment or need to jot down my latest ferritin or hemoglobin level.

Yes, I chart this every month. So, this green notebook is a time saver for me. Anytime I have a question about a medical bill or current blood levels, I can look it up in my notebook.

I’ve learned not to let HHT control my life, but I do have to give HHT some “time” so I can take care of myself and be the best I can be. Time and organization are key. And, so is slowing down. I can preach it, now I have to live it…daily. Take time to take care for yourself so you can take care of what is important!

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