Trish Linke was a great friend and advocate for thousands of people affected by HHT. During the twenty-four years that Trish volunteered for Cure HHT, she was a constant source of comfort to HHT patients and families and a wealth of knowledge for those hoping to learn more about the disease. No question or concern was ever too trivial, no detail too small to be shared. We continue to mourn this enormous loss to our community and know that many of you grieve with us as we strive to continue her selfless work.

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A Celebaration of Life

A service in celebration of Trish’s life will be held on Saturday, July 25, 2015. Cure HHT Executive Director Marianne Clancy will be in attendance.

Trish and her family requested that in lieu of flowers or other memorials, anyone wishing to honor her memory donate in her name to Cure HHT.

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