Clinical Trials


YOU can help advance HHT Research!

There are several HHT related research studies currently taking place. You or a family member may be interested in furthering the advancement of HHT research by participating in one of these clinical research studies. You can contact the primary researcher directly, call the Cure HHT office at 410-357-9932 or email [email protected].

Information on active clinical trials is presented as a service to the HHT community. However, anyone visiting these pages should be aware that the information contained has been submitted directly by those responsible for creating the trials. They bear sole responsibility for the accuracy of information relating to their trial(s). Clinical trials are designed to test the effectiveness and safety of drugs not yet approved for market.

Not all doctors will participate in any given clinical trial, and not all patients will qualify for these trials. Any decisions regarding clinical trials are serious ones and must be made after careful consultation with your healthcare provider.

Current HHT Clinical Trials

  1. Blood Donation for HHT Research  (New England Area)
  2. Brain AVM - Information gathering study on HHT patients with Brain AVM, whether its been treated or not
  3. Bevacizumab (Avastin) - Nose bleeding  (Stanford, CA)
  4. Fluorescein Imaging - Retinal Vascular Abnormalities  (Washington University, MO)
  5. Timolol - Skin telangiectasia   (Hopkins, MD)
  6. Pomalidomide - GI bleeding or Nose bleeding   (Cleveland Clinic, OH)
  7. You can check ongoing HHT clinical trials through the website. You must spell out Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia in the search box. This website will not acknowledge the abbreviation HHT.