Cure HHT Research Activities


Research is the key to our future.  HHT Research makes exciting strides each year:  gaining new insights into the cause, development, and progression of this disease.

Cure HHT, in consultation with our Medical and Scientific Directors is creating a blueprint of Critical Project Initiatives that will propel HHT breakthroughs and advances.  These projects will include important research, as well as critical education initiatives to health care professionals and increasing public awareness.

The pursuit of effective treatments remains the primary focus of our research community.  There have been recent studies investigating the prevention and reduction of growth of blood vessels that create telangiectasia and AVM formation in the mouse model.  The growth varies in different organs and understanding why this happens is very important.  There is also some data to suggest that depending on your HHT mutation: endoglin, ACVLRI 1 or SMAD 4, your response to drug therapies, for example, may be different.  This is an exciting area of research that needs further study.


HHT Patients: You Play a Major Role in Making Research Advances Happen!  The Cure HHT (formerly known as the HHT Foundation International, Inc.) is the only HHT Patient Advocacy organization, just as you are the only advocate for your family. It is crucial for you to become engaged and involved with the process of educating others about HHT and participating in HHT research.  According to NIH Director, Francis Collins M.D. in a Science Translational Medicine article published April 23, 2013, “If each patient were an active and informed participant in clinical research as part of their regular health care, a visit to a doctor’s office would have the potential to transform the health of millions of individuals.”