June 2017 We Came Together to Raise Awareness for HHT!

Through awareness, we are unifying the HHT community, educating the public and advocating for patients and families all across the world.

And through awareness, Cure HHT is able to make strides in fulfilling its mission to findtreat and cure this disease.

This Little Light of Mine 

Marsha Hansen’s Special Tribute for HHT

Marsha Hansen came to us as so many do, wishing to raise awareness and heighten the visibility of this disease. As a concert vocalist and author, Marsha has collaborated with artists, and produced a version of This Little Light of Mine with the help of her brother-in-law, Keith Richards, the famous drummer for Bob Dylan, George Recile and other talented artists such as Blondie Chaplin, Babi Floyd, Chuck Leavell, Sephen Barber, Paul Nowinski, Nick Tremulis, Jordan Hansen and Rob Fraboni

With this HHT Awareness Month’s theme of empowering others by shedding a light on this disease, Marsha has partnered with iTunes to have the song available for download, and proceeds from each purchase of the song will go to Cure HHT.

LigHHTUp the World for HHT 

Many from across the world came together on Friday, June 23rd for Global HHT Awareness Day to honor the ones they love by lighting a candle. Check out the map below to see just how far HHT awareness spread!

Let’s #LigHHTUp the World Together for HHT!

A Special Tribute to Those Who Enlighten All about HHT

So many have joined us over the years to support this cause. We want to honor the following people who have made an incredible impact for this disease and who have made a difference in the lives of those who have HHT.

Trish Linke

Trish Linke was a light in the dark for families managing the fear and confusion that can surround an HHT diagnosis. She helped thousands over the twenty-four years that she volunteered.

Invisible Visable

In June 2015, Cure HHT launched Make the Invisible Visible to bring light to this disease, and to double the diagnosis rate.

Leonard Wayne Hanks

Leonard Wayne Hanks, affectionately called “Doc” by his friends and family, was passionate about raising HHT awareness through his famous blood drives, which he started in Louisiana and that were replicated across the country. When Doc passed in November 2016, Cure HHT knew that we lost someone who was an integral part of our community.