Finding a Cure for HHT
in Our Lifetime

This Holiday Season it Starts with You

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What's Possible for HHT in Our Lifetime

In the 26-year lifetime of our organization, generous donors like you have made possible so many significant advances in innovative scientific research, advocacy and awareness campaigns. You have helped us create 27 Centers of Excellence in North America – a number that is quickly growing– to ensure the best care for HHT is more accessible for our community. Now, with your help, breakthrough opportunities for lifesaving treatments are within our reach, as we continue to make enormous strides towards a cure.

You have helped us develop new treatment options for HHT. The first medical description dates back to 1865, and it wasn't until 1939 when pulmonary AVMs (PAVMs) were described in living HHT patients. Until 1978, the only treatment option for PAVMs was invasive surgery. Until this year, it was believed that embolization was the standard and best procedure to treat PAVMs. In our lifetime we hope to see the use of an oral pill that will reduce PAVMs, with additional therapies on the horizon for HHT patients.

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In Your Lifetime and In Your Loved Ones' Lifetime

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