Recognition Awards


White, Robert I. M.D.Robert I. White Jr. Young Clinician Award

The RIW Award was established in 2004, in recognition of Dr. Robert I. White Jr’s outstanding contribution to HHT care and to mentoring other clinicians to develop expertise in HHT care and research. This award will be given to a clinician (physician or health professional), who is within the first years of work involving HHT and who embodies Dr. White’s qualities as a compassionate and dedicated clinician, devoted to improving HHT care.

Award: $2500 US and free registration to the next HHT International Scientific Conference, awarded by Cure HHT.

Nominations for the award will be requested by the Chair of the Global Research and Medical Advisory Board (GRMAB) and reviewed by a subcommittee of the GRMAB. The award will be presented at either the HHT International Scientific Conference or the National Patient and Family Conference.

2017 - Steve Hetts, M.D.

2015 - Marcelo Serra, M.D.

2011 - Justin McWilliams, M.D.

2010 - Takeo Nishida, Ph.D.

2009 - Els Maria De Gussem, M.D.

2008 - Sophie Dupuis-Girod, M.D., Ph.D.

2007 - Roberto Zarrabeitia, M.D.

2006 - Pinar Bayrak-Toydemir, Ph.D.

2005 - Gaetan Lesca, M.D.

2004 - Tom Letteboer, Ph.D.


Bob Berkman - CasualRobert E. Berkman Leadership Award

Since 2006, Bob Berkman has worked has worked tirelessly as a volunteer for the HHT Foundation, served as member of the board, and most recently as President of the Board for the past four years.  Bob stepped into this leadership position and focused on strengthening the HHT Foundation’s organization and priorities while achieving strong results.

Several of the most important initiatives that have been achieved include; hiring a Medical Director, producing an awareness video, introducing the HHT Diagnosis and Treatment Act of 2011 in Congress and opening 4 new HHT Centers of Excellence at Johns Hopkins, UCLA, UT Southwestern, and UNC Chapel Hill.  These accomplishments are the result of several years of focused work brought about by his collaborative approach and partnership building.  Bob has provided outstanding mentoring.

In honor of Bob’s exemplary leadership we wish to honor his legacy through the creation of the Robert E. Berkman Leadership Award, to recognize those members of the Foundation who exhibit the qualities that have made Bob such a valued part of the HHT Foundation’s mission.

2015 - Dennis Sprecher, MD

2014 - Michael Lewis


Linke, Trish (2)Trish Linke Award

Since 1990, Trish Linke has worked tirelessly as a volunteer for the HHT Foundation and was a member of the Board of Directors for over a decade.  From handling online inquiries about HHT to organizing conferences, designing pamphlets, mailing information packets, and entering contacts into our system, Trish has done it all.  In honor of Trish’s continued and unfailing commitment to the work of the HHT Foundation, we have created the Trish Linke Award, to recognize those members of the Foundation who exhibit the qualities that have made Trish such a valued part of the HHT Foundation’s mission.

There are three important qualities that this award acknowledges. First, it acknowledges those members who have led important initiatives or held positions in the organization, and whose leadership has significantly moved the organization forward. Second, it recognizes major contributions through fundraising, personal donations, visible advocacy for HHT patients and families, and encouraging awareness of HHT in the community. Third, it honors a long-term commitment to the work of the HHT Foundation.

2014 - Angela Carlisle-Brown

2012 - The HopeCrew

2010 - Jane Silk


Compassionate Champion Award

A compassionate champion is an individual who, while engaging in activities to further the cause of HHT, touches the heart of many and ultimately raises significant awareness of the disease as well as money to fund the Foundation’s initiatives.

2014 - Jim Lapides

2012 - L. Wayne “Doc” Hanks