Mission and Value Statement


To find a cure for HHT while saving the lives and improving the well-being of individuals and families affected by HHT.


To achieve this mission, the HHT Foundation will:

  1. Fund research to find better treatments and a cure.

  2. Educate families and physicians about HHT so that awareness of crucial diagnosis and available treatments prevent needless disability and death.

  3. Provide linkages among people affected by HHT.

  4. Collaborate with multidisciplinary HHT Treatment Centers worldwide while advocating for patient access to these Centers.

  5. Advocate for and support those with HHT while increasing public, private, and governmental awareness of the disorder.

  6. Engage the scientific and medical community so that talented individuals dedicate efforts toward advances in HHT screening, diagnosis, treatment, and research.

The HHT Foundation Board of Directors and staff live by this mission on a daily basis. Every project must meet at least one of our mission's objectives. This mission acts as a beacon of light that we are always striving to reach.



Identifies characteristics that we want to be identified with as a Foundation verses actions we want to achieve. It is the sincere desire of the HHT Foundation Board of Directors that all HHT Centers, physicians, researchers, staff, and members will incorporate these values into everything they do to advance the HHT mission.


HHT Values: Characteristics that direct all of our thoughts and actions as we strive toward a common goal



Patient & Family Focused


Results Oriented