Press and Media

You all have stories to tell about HHT. Sharing them goes a long way in building greater awareness of this disease and ultimately saving lives. Cure HHT is extremely grateful to all of you responsible for building public awareness of HHT!

One of the best ways to reach the undiagnosed 90 percent is through press and media. Individuals who have never heard about HHT become empowered with information, which can lead them to an accurate diagnosis with access to available treatments. All because you shared your story! Often this is the difference between needless disability or premature death and living a healthy productive life.

HHT in the News

Jan 2016

medGadgetNavigating Through Brain’s Vasculature: A Trip to UCSF’s Neuro Cath Lab

FOX News Chicago - Chicago family on a mission to educate public about deadline disease HHT


Fingal Independent - Working for a son's legacy

Kane County Chronicle - Face Time with Kelly Weber

Health Essentials - When a Bloody Nose is Cause for Concern

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ACT Now - Press and Media Toolkit

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