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HHT SF Walk and Family Day 

Saturday, November 18th from 1 -4 PM

County Fair Building & Golden Gate Park

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Curry on Tukkin 2: A Rickshaw for HHT 

On January 2, 2018 two Australians Grant Maw and Simon Sawyer will embark on a 3000 km (est.1864.114 mi) 14-day journey in an auto-rickshaw for charity.

There is no guide, no set route, no support, and no back up plan.

Grant Maw completed this journey in 2014 and raised over $3K for HHT with his famous Curry on Tukkin fundraiser. They are embarking on this crazy adventure again in 2018 to raise EVENT MORE awareness on a global scale.

You can join in for the fun by following their journey and supporting their fundraising goal to fuel HHT research funds. See below to find out more!

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