50 State Challenge  


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Right now, there is no cure for HHT. 

We believe that finding a cure is possible in this lifetime. 

And we need your help.

So we created the 50 State Challenge.

We are challenging the entire HHT community across every state in this country to help us cure HHT by fundraising for us this year. When you fundraise for Cure HHT  through the 50 State Challenge, you will help us advocate, raise awareness, educate others and create a brighter future for HHT patients and families everywhere.


Join us in a national movement as we make incredible strides to change the future of HHT. 


I'm In!

I'm ready for the 50 State Challenge and want to join by either becoming an individual fundraiser, joining a team or creating my own! 

Join the 50 State Challenge

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I'm unsure about joining the 50 State Challenge, and I'm looking for more information about getting started & examples of fundraising success!

Challenge Details & Examples

I Can't Commit, I'll Donate!

I don't think 2018 is my year to join the 50 State Challenge. I still want to support the 50 State Challenge, and I will donate today!

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How to Join the 50 State Challenge: 3 Easy Steps

1) Sign up as an individual fundraiser, create a team or join a team that already exists! 

You don't have to do this alone. Bring together family, friends, coworkers and neighbors to join you in this challenge. 


2) Commit yourself to a fundraising goal. 

There's no minimum that you need to raise to join the 50 State Challenge. Give yourself a goal that you think you can hit in 2018.

Not sure what goal to set? Check out our top 4 goals for the 50 State Challenge


3) Reach your goal and raise awareness, raise funds and raise visibility about HHT. 

You have a chance to be part of a group who is working together to change the future for those who have HHT. And, you can do just about anything to achieve your goal! Check out a few ways to fundraise below for ideas to get started.


Ways to Fundraise for the 50 State Challenge




Test your endurance and support HHT. 



Ask for donations this year instead of gifts.



Have fun while making a lasting impact 

for HHT families everywhere!

Fundraising Example: Indoor Cycling Event for HHT

Find a fitness studio that supports charity indoor cycling rides. Set a date. Work with Cure HHT for logistics, website and donation help. Share the ride with your network via email and social. Have your friends and family either ride in-person or donate as a virtual rider. Grab some waters, snacks and goodie bags. Maybe get a raffle item or two for the day of the ride. 

Have an awesome ride for HHT. Take pics and send them to Cure HHT, along with any cash and check donations. We will add them to your fundraising page. We will also say thanks to everyone who supported you. 

Optional: Thank everyone before you start the ride, share your personal journey with HHT and explain how donations support the fight for a cure. A postcard with information to learn more may be handy too! 

Fundraising Example: Dinner Party for HHT

Set a date. Perhaps add a theme. Invite your closest pals. Prepare food, beverages and music. Maybe snag a game or two for fun. Ask your attendees to bring a donation to Cure HHT instead of an item.

Have a great night with friends and family, collect the donations and send them to Cure HHT. We will add them to your fundraising page. We will also say thanks to everyone who supported you. 

Optional: Have a handout ready about this disease and charity, share why you're doing this party for HHT in your toast and inform your party guests how their donation makes a difference to HHT families. Don't worry, we can help you get these thoughts down. 

Downloadable Guides for Fundraising Success

  • General Fundraising How To Guide

    The possibilities are endless for how you can reach your goal for the 50 State Challenge.

    Download our guide for fundraising success - no matter what you do!

    Download the guide!
  • Fitness Class How To Guide

    Download our guide for organizing a fitness class for HHT!

    Download the guide!
  • Birthday Donations How To Guide

    Download our how to guide for collecting birthday donations in lieu of gifts for HHT! 

    Download the guide!

50 State Challenge FAQs

Why the 50 State Challenge for 2018?

We know that 2018 is going to be a big year for HHT. 

We're hosting two regional conferences, we're updating the clinical guidelines for HHT Centers of Excellence, we're beginning a trial for a new drug and we're introducing an app for managing this disease. 

And we're just getting started. 

We made a commitment to you, our HHT community: to find a cure for HHT.

We set our sights high, and every action we take is to get closer to this commitment.  We created this challenge so that others can join us in getting closer to that commitment. We also know that we have the ability to do more for HHT patients and families if we unite across all 50 states in America. We created this challenge so that we can act together to find a cure for HHT. 

Who Else is Participating in My State?

Our goal by December 2018 is to have 50 fundraisers in all 50 states. Our goal by the end of February 2018 is to have 25 fundraisers in 25 states. Want to know who is representing your state in this Challenge and see if you can join them? Contact Allyson Clancy at [email protected]

Is There Anyone I Can Contact for More Information?

Yes! The best person to reach out to for questions regarding the 50 State Challenge is Allyson Clancy at [email protected]