The First Comprehensive Book on “Living with HHT”

Living With HHT

Understanding and Managing Your Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia

Paperback, 200 pages


Sara Palmer, PhD and Johns Hopkins University Press announce the first comprehensive book on HHT, released in December 2017.

Sara addresses how HHT patients can maintain their own emotional health, help other family members including children, partners and parents, and live life as fully as possible. Enriched with illustrations, personal stories of people living with HHT, a glossary, and contact information for the HHT Centers of Excellence, this is a complete resource for individuals with HHT and their families.

A Cure HHT Board Member, Sara has HHT herself. As a Psychologist, she is an expert in helping people cope with health conditions. She draws on current research as she thoroughly describes the symptoms of HHT, explains how the diagnosis is made (and often missed), and details treatment options.

Sara is an assistant professor in the Department of Physical Medicine and rehabilitation at Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. She is the co-author of Spinal Cord Injury: A Guide for Living, as well as other books.

Generously, Sara has pledged all of her royalties from this book to Cure HHT. Come to one of Cure HHT’s regional conferences and get your book signed by Sara!


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