There are exciting developments in HHT research that give us

HOPE that medical cures are within reach.


Imagine drug therapies that could regress, or even prevent, AVM development. In our lifetime, we could see AVM treatment move from surgery to outpatient embolization to taking a pill - but only if we can continue to advocate for scientists, doctors, the government, and pharmaceutical companies to make HHT a priority.

Partner with the HHT Foundation to fund the strategic research initiatives and bring an end to this disease by completing the secure online donation form below. We want you to know that at least $0.80 of each dollar donated to HHT research goes directly to active research programs, grants, and trials. Donations to Cure HHT aren't shared with a hospital endowment - they go straight to supporting our mission, and in many cases can be multiplied as we tap into government and pharmaceutical company research funds.



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