NEW HHT Fact Sheets


TeensAs part of the new Cure HHT brand, we have created NEW resource materials to be shared with you local physicians and family members. We encourage you to share our website,, and these resources which can be downloaded from the Resource Section.


Some day soon, we will find a cure for HHT. Until then, the disease is one that we must learn to manage throughout our lives. It is essential that you have all of the resources necessary to take control of your life. Knowledge is power.


12 fact sheets are now available and more are on their way....

  1. Advice for People Newly Diagnosed with HHT
  2. Know the Signs & Symptoms
  3. Talking To Your Physician About HHT
  4. My Child Has HHT: Screening Guidelines
  5. I Have HHT: For Kids
  6. Coping with HHT: For Teens
  7. Living with HHT
  8. Family Ties: Genetic Testing
  9. HHT & Stroke
  10. Aging Patients with HHT
  11. HHT & Depression
  12. My Partner Has HHT

Talking to Your School Nurse: Webinar

IMG_2049Tuesday, October 21

7 PM - 8 PM EST

Please join Leslie Perry, BSN, RN, for a presentation on HHT in Children: Talking to Your School Nurse.  For this next segment in our Webinar series, Nurse Perry will discuss helping children manage their HHT in a social and academic environment from the perspective of a school nurse. She offers advice for providing your nurse with essential information, talking about HHT with other members of the school community, and ensuring that a child can be safe and comfortable in the classroom.


LISTEN to the webinar recording.