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A comprehensive health data management app designed specifically for patients and families with HHT!


  • All your and your family’s health information in one place!
  • For iOS, Android and Web! Access wherever you are!
  • Enter or share your information in multiple languages!
  • Sponsored by Cure HHT -- so it is Free to you!

HHT is a complex disorder often requiring management from multiple medical specialties. As a rare disease, many physicians have little experience with HHT. You and your family may need to seek care in an emergency, or far from home when lack of information about HHT or about your health history could have life-threatening consequences.

Backpack Health makes it easy to have your entire family’s health information at your fingertips wherever you go.  This unique tool helps you track your and your loved ones' vital health information so that it's portable, manageable, shareable, and translatable.

Portable - Manageable - Shareable - Translatable

“Through our partnership with Backpack Health, Cure HHT is proud to offer this comprehensive health data management tool free of charge to HHT patients and their families, further expanding the many resources we offer to the HHT community.”

- Marianne Clancy, Executive Director of Cure HHT

Your information is completely private -- you have control over how and with whom you share it. Manage your health information in your native language, and if needed, immediately translate it into English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, German and Italian!

Why should I sign up for the Backpack app?

For You and Your Family

  • Carry your and your family's health information under one secure profile on your phone.

  • Share the information you choose with a medical provider anytime, anywhere, in multiple languages.

  • Share information about HHT directly from the app with those who may not be familiar with it.

For the HHT Community

  • Option to share your information anonymously in a patient registry that will allow researchers to better help everyone with HHT.

  • Make your voice heard - without your name or identifying information. The optional registry portion of the app is the safest way for you to help us advance our common goals to find, treat and cure HHT in our lifetimes!

Some Exciting Details

  • Upload up to 50GB of documents, images, videos and audio files

  • Track changes to you and your family’s health over time.

  • Create secure links or extract specific details from your information to share with your medical providers.

  • Give someone you trust access to your information so they can access it if you are incapacitated.

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