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Las Guías Internacionales de HHT: Epistaxis – Tratamiento Farmacológico

Las Guías Internacionales de HHT Epistaxis en HHT: Tratamiento Farmacológico (solo en español) El Dr. Marcelo Serra, Director de la Unidad de HHT del Hospital Italiano de Buenos Aires brinda información sobre el tratamiento farmacológico no quirúrgico del sangrado nasal en HHT. También revisó las recomendaciones de las nuevas Directrices internacionales de HHT para el…

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Physician Webinar: The Role of Liver Imaging in HHT (Recorded)

Liver involvement occurs in approximately 75% of people with HHT. While many people are asymptomatic, the complications associated with liver involvement have historically been under diagnosed. These complications include arterioportal shunting leading to portal hypertension and arteriosystemic shunting leading to high output cardiac failure (HOCF). HOCF occurs much more frequently than has previously been considered.…

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WFMZ-TV 69 News reports on HHT-HTC Openings

There’s nothing we relish more than seeing news coverage about HHT. We were so excited to have WFMZ-TV Channel 69 report on our two newest HHT-HTC Treatment Centers that opened in Indiana and Michigan! Not only did the reporting share the good news about access to care but gave an overview of HHT and its…

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CDC Features HHT in Popular Webinar Series

One of the biggest challenges facing HHT patients continues to be the lack of HHT knowledge amongst healthcare providers not affiliated with an HHT Center of Excellence. We understand how frustrating this can be. That’s why we continue to make physician education a priority. For years, Cure HHT has attempted to get on the Centers…

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