A New Year with Hope and Perseverance


Happy New Year to the Cure HHT family, friends and supporters!

I’m going to drop a quick note as I’m preparing to depart and visit my new granddaughter and first grandchild in Alabama. I’m so blessed to be strong enough to travel. My daughter’s pregnancy and delivery was successful and there were no issues or developments with HHT.

Although she had one iron infusion at seven months of pregnancy, she has never been officially diagnosed with the disorder, but has always been watchful and kept up with genetic testing to ensure there are no developments or issues.

Entering a new year with HHT (NOT something I’d like to do), there is hope and I’m encouraged. Even though 2016 was one of the most challenging years in dealing with the disorder, I’m still here, motivated and endeavoring to press on. I encourage all the readers of this blog, fellow HHT advocates and those dealing with the disorder to remain steadfast and dedicated to finding a cure and better ways to cope with the issues of HHT.

I am grateful I can take a little time each month and share my story with you all. It has been therapeutic in some way and assisted with my reflection on the matter. I hope that I’ve been able to encourage and shed some light thus far on what an individual dealing with HHT faces.


Here are some of the most recent HHT breakthroughs.

I believe this new year will bring about some interesting developments with all of the various efforts and research elements that are happening within the HHT arena. Most importantly, I feel that we need to constantly uplift each other and stay determined to beat this giant.

As we press on toward our determined mark for this 2017 year, I ask you to stay positive even though there are some days that are gloomy; surround yourself with people and those things that enlighten and uplift you; take in life to the fullest; be determined to overcome the HHT giant; and most importantly, know we are all in this together.

“A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.” Jim Watkins