Cure HHT Annual Appeal 2017










We all have a story of how Cure HHT has touched our lives, and the lives of those we love -- your family and mine have been profoundly affected by this disease.  Hundreds of HHT families contact us every month for education, treatment options, referrals and emotional support.  No matter how your needs change, we are with you for life!

This has been a year of breakthroughs, and now all of the building blocks we have put in place over the past 25 years are coming together.  With your help, we are now in a position to leverage our years of investing to drive a cure, find better clinical treatments and diagnosis, and educate patients and caregivers to prevent serious consequences.

  • Our 11th International Scientific Conference in Dubrovnik, Croatia was the largest ever, with 200 delegates from 23 countries. Global awareness of HHT is growing rapidly!
  • Funding for Joint HHT/ Hemophilia Centers: Congress approved $200,000 for a 3 center pilot study to add HHT to the mandate for the federally funded Hemophilia Treatment Centers. This would significantly expand access to care. We have been working on this project for years!
  • We are proud to announce the largest HHT grant ever of $10 Million from the Department of Defense -- a huge success, with 4 of the 5 winning scientists all having received $50,000 seed grants through our research program resulting from your generosity! Since 2003, Cure HHT has invested $1.7 million from individual donors, leveraging $24 million in grants from the DOD, National Institutes of Health, the FDA and the CDC -- an amazing testament to you!

Your generosity makes all of this possible. Your contribution is critical.  Although as a small organization we are financially challenged, we leverage your gift for maximum return on investment.

Great news!  Double your impact!  Give by December 31, 2017 and your tax-deductible gift will be doubled, up to $150,000 by a group of generous donors.


Sincere thanks,



Terry Thompson, Jr., Cure HHT Board President


PS:   Our goal this year is to raise $375,000 by the end of the year.  I know that with your support we can achieve and even surpass this goal!  Every dollar you can give really does help change the future of this disease, so thank you again!