RECAP: 12th HHT International Scientific Conference

For the first time at an HHT Conference, voices were heard from six continents, motivating interest for those new to the field, and encouraging young researchers and clinicians to continue to build a career surrounding HHT. The attendance of young scientists was at an all-time high and the conference was buzzing with the excitement of knowledge and opportunity – a buzz that could literally be heard during breaks and mealtimes when researchers and clinicians stood together plotting the destruction of HHT.



195 HHT scientists, many new to the community, traveled from far and wide to Dubrovnik, Croatia – the “Pearl of the Adriatic” – for the 12th HHT International Scientific Conference. A strategic location choice; if the exciting new breakthroughs in HHT research wasn’t enough to lure scientists to Dubrovnik, then the vast beauty of mountains and sea most certainly would be. While enticing, this great beauty was not distracting, as scientific discussion of mechanisms, diagnosis, and treatment of the disease raged on, fueled by espresso and 6am dips in the Adriatic.


It was truly amazing to see the array of information presented at this meeting in the form of 8 invited speakers, 58 oral presentations, and 117 poster presentations, that all function to develop a greater global understanding of HHT. As always, this event continued to foster the opportunity for scientific collaboration, welcome young scholars to the community, and rekindle old friendships. Enjoy these photos from the conference.

Oral Presentation Abstracts, Poster Presentation Abstracts and an Executive Summary of the talks and workshops will be published in the October issue of Angiogenesis. Cure HHT will also host a webinar this fall to review the highlights of the conference, with hopes that the knowledge gained from this meeting will spread and reach all corners of the HHT community. In the meantime, check out the Basic Science Summary Presentation presented by Dr. Carmelo Bernabeu and the Clinical Science Summary Presentation presented by Dr. Urban Geisthoff.



Cure HHT was honored to provide prizes for the best young scholar presentations. Congratulations to our winners!

HHT Young Scholar Travel Awardees

Clinical Oral Presentations

  1. Ali Tayebi-Meybodi, University of California San Francisco, USA
  2. Daniel DePietro, University of Pennsylvania, USA

Basic Science Oral Presentations

  1. Elisa Rossi, Université Paris Descartes, France
  2. Whitney Wooderchak-Donahue, University of Utah / ARUP Laboratory, USA

Clinical Poster Presentations

Anna Hosman, Netherlands

  1. Anthony Cannavicci, University of Toronto / St. Michael's Hospital, Canada
  2. Anna Hosman, St. Antonius Hospital, Netherlands

Basic Science Poster Presentations

  1. Sara Plumitallo, University of Pavia, Italy
  2. Melissa Hector-Greene, Duke University, USA



Young Investigator Travel Award Recipients

Cure HHT is excited to announce that we were able to grant nineteen (19) Travel Awards for six (6) abstract oral presenters and thirteen (13) abstract poster presenters to attend the 12th HHT International Scientific Conference due to the generosity of one donor family and three corporate sponsors. Award recipients were selected based upon their abstract score; each awardee will receive $750.00 (US) upon arrival at the conference to apply toward their travel and hotel costs.

Clint Allred, MD
Anthony Cannavicci, BSc
Angela Crist, BS
Agnes Desroches-Castan, PhD
Freya Droege, MD
Melissa Hector-Greene, PhD
Brandon Ishaque, MD
Kristen Lee, MD
Michael Lumsden, MBChb student
Claudia Ollauri-Ibanez, MS
Sara Plumitallo, PhD
Thomas Pollenus, PhD student
Ekaterina Pylaeva
Batshalan Santhirapala, MRCP, MBBS, Bsc
Ali Tayebi Meybodi, MD
Hongyu Tian, PhD
Anna Vickers, MBchB, BMedSci
Whitney Wooderchak-Donahue, PhD


Thank You!

We'd like to give an enthusiastic thank you to everyone who contributed to this conference both scientifically and financially. Your dedication to this community had a direct impact on Cure HHT's ability to provide attendees with a rich and fulfilling experience. Your contributions are deeply appreciated by all!

  • Conference Program Executive Committee and Members
  • Invited Speakers
  • Judges and Session Chairs
  • Patients and Volunteers
  • Sponsors and Exhibitors
  • Donors who support Cure HHT and all of our research and education activities


Conference Program Exec. Committee

Conference Program Committee

Invited Speakers

HHT Patients

Conference Sponsors & Exhibitors