Hetts Receives Young Clinician Award


Dr. Steven Hetts

Co-Director of University of California at San Francisco HHT Center

Associate Professor in Residence of Radiology and Biomedical Engineering

"The care I provide for patients with HHT is inspiring to me and a highlight of my career. An award associated with a true pioneer in the field of HHT is humbling and deeply meaningful to me."

Cure HHT is honored to present the Robert I White Jr. Young Clinician Award to Dr. Steve Hetts, a driven, intelligent asset to the HHT medical team. Not only was he instrumental in starting the HHT Center of Excellence at UCSF, he has continued to educate the HHT community as a whole at family conferences as well as the medical community at HHT-related seminars.

When he's not in the doctor's office, he can be found in the lab, developing novel image-guided endovascular devices and techniques for the treatment of stroke, tumors, vascular malformations  and other conditions accessible through the blood vessels or skin.

He has been the principal investigator on an NIH-sponsored project to develop remote-controlled endovascular catheters for use in interventional MRI. This could revolutionize outside stroke treatment, allowing doctors to visualize living versus dead brain tissue in real-time during their surgeries!

"He lit the spark and aided by his creativity, perseverance and serious academic interest in vascular malformations, he helped focus a large quorum of passionate individuals at UCSF who want to make HHT a disease of the past. And, he made it look easy."

- Dr. Miles Conrad, Co-Director UCSF

"Dr. Hetts brings a dedicated passion to his treatment of HHT patients and participation in the Cure HHT mission. He is always invigorating peers and mentees in various projects, championing ideas and following through. We are lucky to have him on our team!"

- Marianne Clancy, Executive Director Cure HHT