HHT: There’s an App for That


Dr. Jeffrey Terrell received his medical degree from Harvard Medical School and received his training at Massachusetts Eye & Ear Infirmary. He is currently a Professor in the Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery at the University of Michigan, where he has served on the faculty for 23 years. Dr. Terrell is board certified in Otolaryngology and Medical Informatics and is a full-time Rhinologist who has been treating HHT patients his entire career.  We are grateful for Dr. Terrell’s insight into the needs of HHT patients and his desire to meet those needs through the development of an HHT App.


Join Dr. Jeffrey Terrell to discuss the exclusive HHT app being developed by his Michigan team. In the near future patients can track medical treatments, test results, and nosebleed frequency as well as get personalized notifications and reminders to help them manage their HHT.  The app will also provide access to  Cure HHT educational information on their mobile device.


Webinar Highlights

  • Why a health App is important for patients with a chronic disease
  • Design framework for HHT App
  • Proposed features of the HHT App
  • Apple's "CareKit" components
  • HHT App Development Survey - We need your feedback on the functionality of this tool


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Cure HHT

Cure HHT is the cornerstone of the HHT community, advancing one common hope - to give those affected by HHT a chance for a normal life. Patient and physician education is the key to increasing HHT awareness and preventing unnecessary complications of this disease. This webinar series is just one of many ways we accomplish this mission.

The development of an HHT App is for the benefit of the HHT patient and their physician. It is through the generosity of donors in our community that we can make an HHT App possible for you and your family.  Please consider investing in the development of this tool. You can make a donation to this project at (mention “HHT App” in the comment section). We are grateful for any contribution.