STOP BLEEDING Fast & Easy Recommended By 3000 ENTs


Delivers Quality and Value Pricing

Quality - # 1 Doctor Recommended For Nosebleeds

Recommended by More Than 3,000 ENTS - Even Following Cauterization

Value - The Only Under Dollar per Usage Stop-Bleeding Product

We want to make sure you are aware of BleedCEASE, first aid for cuts and nosebleeds. BleedCEASE stops bleeding fast and easy, regardless of the cause. It's an excellent product for HHT sufferers, providing quality and value pricing. BleedCEASE is the only quality stop-bleeding product at a dollar per usage.

BleedCEASE is unique calcium alginate offering the following key attributes:

  1. As soon as it comes in contact with blood, it releases calcium, a coagulant which accelerates the coagulation process.
  2. The BleedCEASE fibers are highly absorbent, absorbing up to 20 times its weight.
  3. When removing, BleedCEASE doesn’t stick to or tear new clots, which would cause rebleeding.
  4. BleedCEASE is a 100 percent natural based polymer. As such there are no side effects and no contraindications with any medications being taken.

BleedCEASE is easy to use – the most consumer friendly stop bleeding product:

  1. Twist or fold insert all the way into the nasal cavity until flush with base of the cavity.
  2. Do not leave anything hanging out – make sure it has good contact with break in vessel wall.
  3. No need to pinch bridge of nose.
  4. Immediate return to what you were doing.
  5. Easy removal after 30 minutes.
  6. No sticking to or tearing new clots – no rebleeds.
  7. Also use for topical bleeding including on gums and tongue.

Comments from HHT Sufferers:

“My husband has HHT and suffers with frequent nosebleeds. It upsets him and he is embarrassed when they occur. He recently discovered BleedCEASE and it works! He has them at work, in his truck and in both bathrooms in the house. Sometimes if he has heavier bleeding, he has to go through two, but it does work.”

“I have HHT and recently became aware of BleedCEASE. I have found it to be an excellent product for treating my nosebleeds. I particularly like that it doesn’t stick to newly formed clots when I remove it – no rebleeds.”

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