18 More Patients Needed for Avastin Study

5-avastinA Letter from Dr. Amelia Clark of Stanford University

Hi Cure HHT Community,

I am writing to tell you we are excited to have reached our halfway point for patient enrollment! That's 22 inspiring patients who have enrolled in the trial and received their surgery and injection of Avastin or placebo. HHT patients are incredibly committed, and the response rates for our follow up surveys has been nearly 100 percent.

We have had individuals and families traveling to us from all over the country, and it's the support and outreach from Cure HHT that has made this possible.

We had a big rush of enrollment after our Webinar last Spring and a very busy summer of enrollment. I would really like to push through to complete enrollment of the last 18 patients over the next nine months.

It is our hope that this trial will demonstrate the beneficial effects of Avastin for patients with HHT- benefits which we hope will include improvement in nasal bleeding, better quality of life and a significant reduction in patient and hospital level costs for treating HHT-related nose bleeds.

Did you know you can travel to Stanford University for free?

Thanks to the generosity of one of our donors, Cure HHT is pleased to offer financial support to offset reasonable travel expenses to Palo Alto, CA for clinical trial participants who have a documented financial need. Detailed information will be made available when a participant is enrolled in the clinical trial.

What do I have to do to participate?

Complete, save and email the ELIGIBILITY FORM to [email protected]

Where can I find more information?

Just click here.


amelia clarkWarm wishes,
Amelia K. Clark, MD
Resident Physician
Department of Otolaryngology - Head and Neck Surgery Stanford University