Pathophysiology of HHT and a Summary Current HHT Research

Presented by: Dr. Christopher Hughes, Chairman, Cure HHT Global Research and Medical Advisory Board
Dr. Christopher Hughes discusses the basic science behind HHT as well as six new research projects from the Cure HHT Young Scholar Grant program.

More than a Nosebleed: HHT

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HHT Awareness Month

June is one of Cure HHT's busiest months - it's a time of year when the whole community comes together to work tirelessly toward a successful HHT Awareness Month.

The goal is, of course, to raise awareness about HHT. But what does "raising awareness" mean? Even more importantly, what does it mean to you?



Here are some examples of what it means to us:

- Educating people about the disease so more people have heard about HHT.
- Creating an understanding in people about the truths of HHT and banishing the misconceptions.
- Reaching out to more people with HHT so that they feel less alone.
- Helping friends and family to have a better understanding of HHT and what they can do to help.
- Encouraging health care workers to learn the most helpful ways of supporting a person with HHT.
- Raising the profile of Cure HHT to enable us to help and support more people.
- Doing your part to create positive, long-term change.

How do you plan to join Cure HHT in raising awareness this June?

$200,000 Awarded in HHT Research Grants


Collage - 2015 Young ScholarsCure HHT is the cornerstone of the HHT community. With this honor comes the responsibility to advance the goal we all share: to give those affected by HHT a chance for a normal life.

On behalf of patients and families, our efforts center on improving medical care and treatments today and helping to advance the science needed to cure HHT disease. New research is one of the most crucial aspects of our mission to find a cure for HHT. In October 2014, Cure HHT launched the HHT Young Research Scholar Award Program, designed to attract new researchers into the field of Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia (HHT).  The Cure HHT Board of Directors authorized funding for five $30,000 awards for young researchers holding a Ph.D. (no more than 5 years beyond completion of their post-doctoral training) with the proposed project supervised by a mentor working in an active and productive research program.

Cure HHT is excited to announce that we received a record number of applications, 25 in total, for the HHT Young Research Scholar Award Program. Outstanding research proposals were submitted from universities and hospitals around the world including institutions in Belgium, Canada, France, Netherlands, Spain, United Kingdom and United States. A scientific review committee comprised of 20 international basic science and clinical science experts provided comprehensive summaries of each application to determine which projects aligned with the Cure HHT mission to understand the mechanism of this disease and advance therapeutic options for the HHT population.

The 2015 HHT Young Research Scholar Awardees:

  1. Chadwick Davis, PhD - Recursion Pharmaceuticals
  2. Hongyu Tian, PhD - Duke University
  3. Simon Tual-Chalot, PhD - Newcastle University
  4. Whitney Wooderchak-Donahue, PhD - University of Utah / ARUP Laboratories
  5. Wan Zhu, PhD - University of California, San Francisco

READ a summary of each HHT Young Research Scholar Project which will provide the HHT community a better understanding of the basic mechanisms of arteriovenous malformation (AVM) formation; target downstream signaling of ALK1 and Endoglin; describe how genetic modifiers influence HHT phenotype variations; determine the correlation between Endoglin and high output heart failure; test innovative and noninvasive alternative treatments for Brain AVMs; and identify potential drug therapies to fully or partially reverse HHT. Overall, the research proposed in 2015 cover a wide range of basic and clinical science topics. We are very excited to partner with these young researchers and anxiously await the results of their study.

2015 Research Grant Awarded to Dr. Paul Oh

Cure HHT is pleased to announce that Suk Paul Oh, PhD from the University of Florida has been awarded a $50,000 grant for his research entitled "The Role of Macrophages in the Pathogenesis of HHT".

Dr. Oh's hypothesis is that ALK1 or ENG-deficient endothelial cells promote recruitment of monocytes/macrophages and differentiation of them to play a crucial role in the development of AVMs. His laboratory will focus on testing this hypothesis with genetic, pharmacological, and cellular approaches. The results of Dr. Oh's study will allow HHT communities to repurpose drugs currently on the market to treat HHT patients.

READ more about Dr. Oh's research research project.

Funding HHT Research - YOU can make a difference!

We galvanize and connect efforts toward change across the HHT community. Cure HHT, along with patients, scientists, and doctors, works to improve the lives of those affected by HHT today through funding, conducting and participating in HHT research.  Thus we create lasting collaborations that will ultimately transform treatments of HHT disease.

You will notice that 5 HHT Young Research Scholar Awards were granted, however, there are several more research applications worthy of funding. If you are able to help us fund another grant, please contact Nicole Schaefer, Director of Professional & Medical Programs at [email protected].

In addition, Dr. Oh's one year grant is funded by Cure HHT and the Jeffrey A. Blevins Memorial Fund. The Blevins family set up this special fund, in memory of their son, brother, husband and father who lost his battle with HHT on May 9, 2007, with a desire to alter this disease in Jeffrey's honor for HHT families around the world.

Though it grows every day, the HHT community is still small, and it is through mutual support that we will continue to expand and thrive. We invite you to stand with us and help change the future of this disease.



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