NEW! Memorial / Tribute Donation Wall

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A tribute or memorial gift is a meaningful way to honor those you love with HHT.

You can create a personalized tribute page by posting your loved one’s story and photos. Once your story is approved by Cure HHT it will be available online for others to see. Through your Tribute, others can share their memories and also make an online donation to help support the Cure HHT mission.

Your tribute page is a safe and special place online to share memories, recognize milestones, or express the emotions of struggle or loss. You can share the link to your tribute with family, friends, and co-workers. By memorializing your loved one, you will be helping others with HHT – and funding the search for a cure, so future generations will enjoy a world without HHT.

Visit the HHT Tribute Wall to read the stories that have been posted.



2014: Year of Action in Review



2014 was the “Year of Action” for HHT disease. The HHT Foundation International took bold steps to reposition itself, starting with a comprehensive rebranding. Renamed CURE HHT in 2014, we became a new organization that re-activated our mission and enhanced our efforts to advance therapies NOW, increasing access to expert care and dramatically increasing awareness. Here’s a glimpse at what we accomplished this past year.



Increasing access to care LOGO

  • New HHT Centers of Excellence at University of California at San Francisco
  • Launched Physician Directory on Cure HHT website for patients to find the closest HHT Center and /or a doctor knowledgeable about HHT in their community
  • Launched a live webinar series with recordings posted on Cure HHT website for all to hear at their convenience


Advancing Treatment LOGO

  • Completed North American Study of Epistaxis, known as the NOSE Study, with results to be published in 2015
  • Developed relationships with Bio/Pharma Companies that will accelerate drug discovery efforts for HHT; research projects will be underway in 2015
  • Cure HHT was successful in obtaining vascular malformations into the Defense Appropriations bill which includes HHT as a type of vascular malformation.  This means that the HHT research community will now be able to compete for research grants from the Department of Defense’s Peer Reviewed Medical Research Program (PRMRP).


Outcomes Database LOGO


  • Outcomes Registry for HHT is in its final stage of development; beta testing will occur in early 2015



Awareness LOGO