June is HHT Awareness Month

The HHT Community is the Catalyst for Finding a Cure for HHT Disease.

The National Institute of Health (NIH) currently spends half-a-million dollars on research for HHT disease. The NIH spends $75 million EACH on diseases with similar incidents. The lack of HHT awareness even among the medical community means that it can take on average 30 years to receive a correct diagnosisWho has 30 years to wait?

When you’re suffering from regular nosebleeds and are at risk for blood clots, no one should have to live in fear, especially for 30 years. Together our actions help raise awareness about HHT and raise funds to reduce the diagnosis time so that no one has to live with fear and worry. Our goal is to improve the lives for those suffering from this genetic disease, one that impacts an entire family for generations. Which is very important to spread the word and raise awareness about HHT disease. 30 years is too long to wait. 

In honor of HHT Awareness Month, the Foundation is counting down the month of June to reveal some exciting changes. There are endless ways that you can take action and spread the word to raise awareness during June. Visit CureHHT.org, for ideas, events and more!

A few ways to get started: