The Year of Action Part 2: Advancing Treatment

Year of Action Advancing Treatment

Advancing Treatment

This year, the HHT Foundation is committed to developing relationships with Bio/Pharma Companies to either accelerate drug discovery efforts for HHT or repurposing their existing FDA approved drug therapies.  Our goal is to develop and study new antiangiogenic therapy for HHT (reverse blood vessel growth). Through collaborations with Bio/Pharma companies, novel therapies are already under evaluation for proof of concept studies.

The HHT Foundation is looking for a long-term solution to improving the quality of life for HHT patients who suffer from moderate to severe nosebleeds.  In 2014, the HHT Foundation will be announcing the results of its first sponsored Phase II Clinical Trial, North American Study of Epistaxis (NOSE Study), where three nasal spray agents and a placebo were tested on 120 HHT patients at six North American HHT Centers.