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We've told you about Grant Maw, one of our most creative fundraisers.  Here's a message from Grant as he gets ready for his adventure through India starting on January 1.


grant mawUPDATE : WE STILL NEED YOU. We're only 3 weeks from the starting line now and we're an awesome 91% to our goal of raising $2000 for HHT International, in our Indian fundraiser. We're thrilled to have come this far, and we know there are more donations coming, but PLEASE, if you've not yet donated, please consider a small donation to the cause on our website (see below). EVERY SINGLE CENT of our donations go to HHT International, and even $5 will help.

You can donate on our website (see below) or if you're not sure or feel uncomfortable doing this, please send me a message and we'll work out another way.

It's only by working together that we can make a difference.

Advances in HHT Research: What it Means For You Webinar Recording


On December 4th, the HHT Foundation continued its webinar series with a presentation from Dr. James Gossage. Advances in HHT Research: What it Means For You shared critical findings presented at the 10th International HHT Scientific Meeting in Cork, Ireland this past June. The presentation is followed by a Q&A where Dr. Gossage addresses pressing concerns from attendees.

Stay tuned for news on the next webinar!


Advances in HHT Research: What it means for you

Presented by: Dr. James Gossage, HHT Foundation Medical Director
Dr. Gossage speaks about the latest in HHT disease research and what it means for HHT disease patients and their caregivers.