2013 Strategic Initiatives Campaign

The goal of the HHT Foundation is to cure HHT in our lifetime! There are exciting developments in HHT research that give us hope that medical cures are within reach. Imagine drug therapies that could regress, or even prevent, AVM development.

Partner with the HHT Foundation to fund the strategic initiatives and bring an end to this disease. In our lifetime, we could see AVM treatment move from surgery to outpatient embolization to taking a pill - but only if we continue to advocate with scientists, doctors, the government, and pharmaceutical companies to make HHT a priority.

IMAGINE a world in which HHT is commonly recognized, easily treated and cured within our lifetime. This is possible if every person affected by HHT - patients, family members, and friends - contributed $100 (or more if possible) to our strategic initiatives campaign.

Give Hope. Give Help. Save a Life (or, Why Wait?)

"Why wait when we can make this happen now?"  Is there anything more important to yourself and your loved ones? If you or a loved one is dealing with HHT, you know the answer.

The HHT Foundation has developed a five year strategic initiatives plan that will create the building blocks necessary to find a cure for HHT in our lifetime. To make this happen we need $2 million annually for the next five years. As the only organization in the world solely focused on HHT patients, you can be sure your investment in the HHT Foundation will go to the highest-return initiatives that can improve life of HHT patients today and in future generations:

  1. Provide "seed money" for research on promising therapies
  2. Improve access to care by adding more HHT Centers
  3. Build a registry of HHT patients to find which treatments work best
  4. Standardize HHT treatments to ensure patients get global best practices

Please give generously. Remember, your gift is tax-deductible to the full extent provided by law.

We can beat HHT much faster than ever imagined if we all pitch in!



MAIL /FAX  DONATIONS:  Please fill out this form: 2012 Annual Appeal Donation Form.

Mail To: HHT Foundation International, Inc., PO Box 329, Monkton, MD 21111

Fax To:  410-357-0655


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