The HHT Foundation is excited to announce that after a lengthy application and approval process, the HHT Foundation has named UNIVERSITY OF CALIFORNIA at LOS ANGELES HHT CENTER (UCLA) the 10th US HHT Center of Excellence.

The HHT Board of Directors has made increasing access to HHT professionals a priority.   By increasing the number of HHT Centers of Excellence, diagnosis and treatment of HHT will be more affordable by decreasing travel costs and increasing the likelihood of insurance coverage.

In 2008, the Foundation established a committee, led by Marianne Clancy, Executive Director, and Dr. James Gossage, Medical Director, to develop a process to evaluate the medical expertise and viability of an HHT Center.   Although the HHT Foundation and the HHT Centers of Excellence are completely separate entities, we work in a collaborative effort to advance the diagnosis, treatment, and management of HHT. University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), is a world-renowned institution that has been coordinating care  and treatment of HHT patients for decades.

Now, Dr. Justin McWilliams and Dr. Gary Duckwiler are Co-Directors of the new HHT Center and they have organized a team of specialists who are knowledgeable in the care and treatment of HHT. We at the HHT Foundation are really excited about this new collaboration!

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