Legislative Advocacy: First Call to Action to HHT Community for FY2008

April 2007: First Call to Action to HHT Community for FY2008

A mass email was sent from the HHT Foundation to approximately 2,000 HHT members. In this email the Foundation asked each person to send a letter to their Members of Congress. In the email the Foundation provided a variety of information to help individuals with this endeavor including: the FY 2008 HHT Legislative Language and Funding Request, a sample letter that could be customized by each HHT member and sent to their two Senators and House Representative, a website by which individuals could determine who their Members of Congress are and their contact information, and a step-by-step instruction guide to walk individuals through this legislative advocacy process.

We also provided additional resources on our HHT website under the section called Legislative Advocacy. This information can be used to help educate your Members of Congress on HHT and includes such resources as: a HHT Fact Sheet, the HHT Impact on the United States, and a listing of the HHT Impact on individual states.

If you want to view these resources you can type the following URL address into your web browser (exactly as it appears – case sensitive) or go to the HHT website under the section called Legislative Advocacy and click on the link.

HHT Language and Funding Request for FY 2008 – https://curehht.org/docs/HHT_Congressional_Initiative_FY2008.doc

HHT Fact Sheet – https://curehht.org/docs/HHT_Impact_on_US.pdf

HHT Impact on the United States - https://curehht.org/docs/HHT_Impact_on_States.pdf

HHT Sample Letter – https://curehht.org/docs/General_May_2007.doc

We further instructed members that had gained their Member of Congress’ support for HHT, to ask them to send a Support Letter to the Chairman and Ranking Member of the respective Labor Health and Human Services Education (LHHS) Subcommittee. For your Congressperson’s convenience, the Foundation provided a sample support letter that only needed to put on their letterhead, customized if they wished, signed, and mailed.

The URL address is below to view these Support Letters.

Senate Support Letter - https://curehht.org/docs/Senate_Support_Letter_June_2007.doc

House Support Letter - https://curehht.org/docs/House_Support_Letter_June_2007.doc