ACT NOW in 2 Minutes

We've made it easy . . . . simply CLICK HERE , create a simple profile and click the support button. An alert is automatically sent to your representative. It truly takes two minutes of your time.

Legislators care about their constituents concerns.  The more emails they receive from their constituents, the more likely they are to support HHT’s legislation. 

“Thank you for taking the time to figure out a way to make this SO EASY!  The last time my Dad (Jack McMahon) got me to send letters to my Senators and Representatives it was really a time consuming thing.  This website was wonderful. It really did only take about 2 minutes!” - Laura Slugg.

Our goal is to gain as many co-sponsors in the House and Senate in order to move the bill through Committee, to the floor for a vote and passage into law.  Do your part and ACT NOW to get this important bill passed.

Remember, you don’t have to have HHT to advocate for HHT. Send your friends, family, neighbors, associates, etc. this link and ask them to support you by utilizing the PopVox site to send their legislators an email.

If you have any questions or need additional information, please contact  [email protected].