Get Your Candle for Awareness Month


HHT Awareness Month is about shining the lights of compassion, understanding and education on Hereditary Hemorrhagic Telangiectasia. This month is about more than bringing awareness to the disease; we're also honoring all the amazing people, those we cherish in memory and those still with us, who share their light with the world while living with HHT.

We invite you to light your candle on June 23rd, Global HHT Awareness Day, in honor of someone you love with HHT. Share your special candle message on social media through pictures and video using #LigHHTUp and #CureHHT to bring the global Cure HHT community together.

Let’s LigHHT Up the World together!

How It Works:

1) Purchase your candle(s).

2) Cure HHT will mail the candle(s) to you.

3) LigHHT Up the World on June 23rd using #CureHHT and #LigHHTUp.


Contact Cathleen Kinnear at [email protected] or 410-357-9932 with any questions.